Alchemist’s Table


Every DM needs at least one alchemist’s table for their game world. Use it in a potions shop, your mage’s work room, or in the lair of an evil wizard. Adhered to the table surface you will find 4 potion bottles, 2 scrolls, 1 mortar & pestle and a mushroom. Also on the table, but not attached, is once ‘crystal’ ball.

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Skeletons & Skull Piles


Looking for some creepy items to spice up your dungeon and alert your party to potential danger? These skeletons and skull piles drop down easy, are portable and look great on any tile.
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Double Sided Cork Tiles


These are treated cork tiles that are painted on both sides. They are more durable then most other table top floor options. Lightweight and very portable, for the gamer on the go. There are many flooring options in both pasterns and size.

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To craft your own tiles check out DMScotty on youtube.