Here is my latest craft for my elven village. I needed a summoning dais as the main way to get INTO the village. In my current game universe, there is not a lot of magic commonly used, but there is remnants of old world magic. Because of this I wanted to make anything to do with magic look important and imposing.

To start I found the foam cylinder at the dollar store in a two pack. They seems imposing enough to declare importance. I then pulled out my old geometry kit and used the compass to measure the circumference of the foam cylinder, then drew that out on my cardboard. I added and inch and a half then drew another circle from the same center spot. This gave me my ring that would build the stairs around the central platform.

After I cut out a few rings, I stagged my cuts so I had my steps. As I placed these in a pile to the side I found I like them stepping up on both sides as well as the kind of winding stair case look. So I not only made enough for my two summoning circles but also made a little alcove structure.

Next I glued the steps down around the foam, drew the magic runs and then coated the entire thing in white glue. This served 2 purposes. First, to ensure that all the steps and the foam were secure, second to protect the foam from being eaten away by the spray paint in a future step. The last pre-painting step was to cover all the corrugation in hot glue. I want the structure to look like marble or stone. The corrugation kills that feel, so we cover it. Then I black (or gray) base painted the entire thing and let it dry.

The last step was painting. I used pink, yellow and gold sponged over the gray on the marble structure, then a layer of parchment, then a light dusting with white. For finishing touches I went over the etching in gold one last time to make sure it was clean. That’s it!

The wonderful thing about crafting, once you get the hang of it, is you can make anything you can imagine! Your gaming world can be as beautiful as you want it to me. Feel free to write in and ask any questions you might have, or post your questions and comments and get some feed back form others.